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The importance of great customer service for small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 14, 2019 2:59:04 PM
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Every business owner knows that customer satisfaction is key. There’s no questioning that the customer is always right and it’s important to keep your consumers happy. By consistently providing great customer service will see your business brand grow.

We’ve set out the many ways outstanding customer service can help drive your business.


Perhaps the most important asset great customer satisfaction can bring is rapport. This is essential as the Microsoft 2016 Report showed that 97% of consumer respondents rated customer service as important when selecting a brand.

As a small business owner, you will find yourself in a unique position as you can dedicate your time to consumers in comparison to much larger corporations.

Gaining Traffic To Your Business

When customers have a positive experience with a business, they’re also likely to tell others about it. This translates into free word-of-mouth advertising, one of the most effective forms of promotion.

This will help build more awareness around your brand and product or service.

Building on Your Brand

Keeping your customers happy with your service will lead to more positive reviews which can really help cement the narrative and direction of your brand online and off.

Offering great customer service will create an unconscious bias to your product and brand name leading to more sales.

More importantly, this will promote that your business is one that consumers can trust and rely on.

Preventing Bad Reviews and Returns

Lastly, by having customer satisfied with your service this can lower the likelihood of returns and bad reviews while also encouraging positive feedback.

This can save your business money and showcase the trustworthiness of your product to customers and non-customers alike.

Final thoughts

Overall, by committing to giving better customer service, you will leave your customers feeling valued and appreciated thus strengthening faithfulness to your brand.

By getting the formula of customer service ‘right’ will see your small business excel.


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