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International Small Business Day 2020

Posted by Lauren Bagdasarian on Jun 27, 2020 11:54:23 AM

International Small Business Day 2020

Today is International Small Business Day!

This day commemorates micro, small, and medium sized businesses.

What is International Small Business Day?

On this day of commemoration, SMEs come together to look back on all of the great work they have accomplished and the improvements they have made to their company as a whole as well as acknowledging the future and the devotion to expanding their small business.

This year, the theme of the SMEs Day celebration is “We Hear You”. This signifies the collaboration among the United Nations General Assembly and the small businesses themselves to brainstorm the best principles and practices.

How to support small businesses today

Small businesses are part of what makes our communities unique and now, more than ever, they need our support.


The main way is to shop local rather than turning to larger well-known corporations. This can give much-needed financial help which is what the Small Business Saturday initiative is based on. However, you can do this on any day of the year starting now!

Buy a gift card or donate to your favourite small business establishment. Due to COVID-19 many businesses are struggling and it's important to continue to support these businesses where possible.


Use social media to share local small businesses that you know and love! This is a great way to introduce a potential bigger audience and celebrate the work they do. Take a minute today to make a post and highlight the importance of the work they do!

Add helpful photos or reviews

Using Google including a photo of a dish you ordered, the new menu, or the business shopfront itself alongside reviews can help the business attract future customers.

To find a list of small business you can support today click here!

How bOnline is supporting small businesses

We're at the heart of small businesses providing affordable phone systems and connectivity solutions. We're proud that we've been able to support small businesses from sole-traders to those who have 1-5 employees. 

We'd like to wish all small businesses around the world a very happy International Small Business Day!

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