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Introducing bOnline's Partner Programme

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 17, 2019 1:22:09 PM
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We’re very excited to share the news of our new partner programme at bOnline!

This is a project we’ve been working on with a small base of partners and we are delighted to launch.

Our programme is unique as it covers a wide range of small business cloud services, e.g. VoIP, Broadband, Email/Domains and Websites. It will enable our partners to earn an industry topping 20% commission on any of our products they recommend.

Yes, it’s that simple.   

And best of all, it runs on autopilot so just enter your leads and we take care of the rest.  The Partner Portal will generate and email your monthly invoices to ensure you are paid accurately and on time.

This is the perfect model for any company who have existing relationships with small businesses and is looking to add a new revenue stream.

As a company, we have a history of customers coming to us through referrals and are proud to scale this programme.

We have a fantastic platform for you to easily manage all your referrals and track earnings via a simple dashboard. With a dedicated team to support you, we will ensure we don’t miss opportunities to help you earn more revenue.

Our commitment to customers and partners

At bOnline, we’re committed to providing excellent services to our customers. We've shown we're a business you can trust with our consistent five-star ratings.

We’ve made a conscious decision to make our terms transparent and very Partner-friendly.  

We’ve also created a Partner Portal that does all the work for you once you have entered your prospective customer leads.   

How to get involved.

To find out if this programme could be suitable for you and your business send us an email at with your business name and contact details and we’ll call you back.

Or, if you would like some more information first, please visit

We can’t wait to start working with you.

"I am proud to finally launch this innovative programme on our platforms. Moreover, I am immensely excited to work with future partners and continue to create and promote business platforms that everyone can benefit from." - Anthony Karibian bOnline, CEO.

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