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Small Biz 100 applications now open!

Posted by Lauren Bagdasarian on Jun 26, 2020 5:23:29 PM

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All UK small businesses from all industries are welcome to apply for Small Biz 100! Having a chance at such a wonderful opportunity is hard to come by, so taking advantage of such an event can boost your company to greater heights.

What is Small Biz 100?

Small Biz 100 is run by Small Business Saturday a non-commercial campaign that highlights small business success and encourages consumers to 'shop local. The association is known for holding 'Small Business Saturday' encouraging consumers to shop and support small businesses.

Small Biz 100 is now in it's 8th annual year and selected small businesses will be promoted each day until Small Business Saturday 2020 on 5th December. 

If your small business is looking for a promotion boost, a change in business model, or looking to get your business back on its feet, apply for Small Biz 100.

Benefits of being a part of Small Biz 100


By being a part of the Small Biz 100 community, you will be able to connect with other small businesses. This will be an opportunity to network with companies for potential collaborations and support for one another. Becoming more involved with other small businesses will build and unite a community.


Coming into contact with other businesses who may be further along in the business growth and journey will allow for mentorship to form among the businesses involved with Small Biz 100.


Private alumni are present on Small Business Saturday events and are ready to provide any support for your own small business. They are great assets to have to provide insight on any crossroads or questions you may have from professionals who have been in similar positions.

Celebrate success 

All Small Business Saturday staff and alumni are present to celebrate all of your company’s success and help grow your business to greater levels.

How to apply

The Small Biz 100 is a fantastic way for small businesses across the UK to showcase their business and the wonderful work they do. To be part of the chance to be highlighted and receive exposure leading up to Small Business Saturday 2020 click here! Applications are free to complete and close on June 30th.

We wish everyone who applies the best of luck!

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