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Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SOGEA) for small businesses

Posted by Amina Addow on Feb 4, 2019 2:08:13 PM
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Openreach will begin rolling out their highly anticipated SOGEA  this upcoming March. This will make broadband available without line rental. We’ve curated 5 handy areas to help you understand what this innovation will mean for your small business.


For the first time, business and consumers alike will be given a choice in choosing to have standalone broadband.


By opting for SOGEA, your costs could be lowered due to only paying for broadband which has the potential to offer up extra income you can invest in other parts of the business.


Following on, switching to SOGEA also gives you the convenience of having your office number easily accessible even when changing offices.

By having your number readily available will ease the transition process and consumers will still be able to get in contact.

Technological Freedom

Discontinuing use of your landline will give you more freedom to explore more use other forms of calling services such as VoIP and other phone cloud services and apps.

Changing Business Dynamics

SOGEA has the potential to change up business dynamics.

Giving you the edge and close the gap and compete against larger corporations as features such as unlimited call meetings.


In the run-up to the official launch of SOGEA, we’ll be posting a different blog exploring this concept and how it relates to your small business so be sure to check back on for more.

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