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How a VoIP phone system can improve customer service

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 8, 2020 11:56:47 AM
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How a VoIP phone system can improve customer service

One of the first interactions a customer has with a business is through speaking to a representative. Customers expect a service that caters to their needs effectively and quickly.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a comprehensive phone system that can create better customer communications.


A customer calls in for assistance not to be passed through numerous departments. Using Caller Menus, customers can be easily signposted without long wait times and disorderly queues.

Improving the chances of customers getting their queries resolved and building better customer satisfaction rates.

Employee availability

Next, with VoIP your service teams will be able to see who is immediately available to take calls. Hunt groups can be used to ring user phones in a predetermined sequence so customers are guaranteed to speak with someone who can help them. Increased employee availability can eliminate customer frustration and shorter wait-times.

Furthermore, the ‘Simultaneous Ringing’ feature can also be effective for small teams where each phone rings at the same time when a call is received. 

Voicemail to email

If an employee misses a call, a copy of the voicemail can be sent to their email address ensuring that every message is delivered. Allowing employees to take care of business on the go and scheduling call backs for the day. Voicemail to email eliminates barriers of response for customers who are expecting a faster response.

Access to a local number

Make it easier for customers to get in contact with a local number. Customers are more likely to contact a local number they recognize rather than an expensive 0300/0800 or international number.

A toll-free local number also builds greater customer credible reputation for your business. Allowing customers to call you no matter the geographical location and without long-distance rates.

Direct phone numbers and extensions

Employees can build rapport with customers through direct phone numbers and extensions. Using different VoIP user seats, employees can have separate direct numbers for and also integrate their own mobile device with a professional phone number, so they are reachable from everywhere. 

Furthermore, extensions can be used for effective internal call forwarding and transferring making sure the customer is redirected correctly at the first call. 

Monitoring and Training

Ensure that calls are being answered correctly by your teams with call recording. Call recording features allow you to download audio calls made through a VoIP telephone. Use this to monitor teams who make inbound or outbound calls and issue training sessions.

Call recordings can also be used to settle disputes and make sure that your business is delivering exceptional customer service.

Final thoughts

VoIP phone systems carry a wealth of features that are not found on traditional landlines. Allowing businesses to seamlessly liaise with customers through high-quality calls. VoIP can aid businesses in building rapport, be easily accessible and create call journeys that better the customer experience.

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