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7 ways VoIP can increase business productivity

Posted by Amina Addow on Apr 3, 2020 2:59:09 PM
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In an age where businesses are able to operate from anywhere and employees are always on the go. Having a business communication device that can keep up is key. A cloud-based phone system can help enhance collaboration and refine operations.

Here are some of the ways VoIP can help teams stay productive.

What is a VoIP softphone?

It’s a software system that turns any device into a telephone to make and receive business phone calls. Softphones come in the form of apps that can be installed on a desktop or mobile device. There are also web-based versions that can be accessed directly through browsers.

1. Stay in touch

A softphone integrates your contacts from email clients to colleagues, enabling you to stay in touch with everyone that matters to your business. What’s more, is that existing numbers are able to be ported over to your cloud phone minimizing downtime and getting your business set up asap.

2. Get calls answered 

Increase the chance of business calls being answered. VoIP has a wealth of features readily available to aid with call management. Features such as call forwarding and call queues make it more efficient to re-route calls to available agents and make sure the customer gets through every time.

3. Collaborate

Work within your teams with collaboration tools such as conference calling and instant chat features. Using softphone apps and online dashboards all your communications are in one place to meet and easily get tasks done. Furthermore, these can also be used for remote working purposes. 

4. Work from anywhere

Whether you’re in the office, in a cafe or abroad you can be connected to your business phone with VoIP cloud phones. Easily facilitating remote working and giving greater work-life balance.

5. Switch between personal and business phone numbers

On the go? Easily switch between personal and business call numbers so you can answer calls on your mobile phone. With a softphone, you can easily transfer calls and switch numbers giving you greater versatility and making it easier to reach your contacts.

6. Multi-channel communication systems

Do more with multi-channel systems designed to bring voice, message and chat features together in one system. Improve productivity by having teammates and employees ‘meet’ in one platform to discuss processes and complete tasks. These channels are also perfect to review customer interaction and engage with remote employees. Conference calls are also free of charge and part of the features cloud phones provide.

7. Affordability

Save money on your telephony and free up resources for other ventures your business needs. As a small business provider, we realize it’s important to save on expenses. A switch to VoIP is significantly cheaper than standard copper lines and doesn’t come with the same features as a cloud phone. Putting your finances together can save you enough money to expand and better prospects for your small business.

Final thoughts

A VoIP phone system is ideal in terms of increasing productivity and creating better customer journeys. With over 50+ features available can refine operations and keep your team productive with collaboration tools. Having access to multiple communication mediums with just one plan also gives your business better price-performance ratio.

To see how switching to VoIP can improve your small business communications call our experts on 0203 697 4166.

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