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VoIP call quality – Is it as good as regular phones?

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Oct 2, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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VoIP has amazing benefits from all the features it offers. However, a main concern about VoIP is if the call quality is as good as traditional phones. We weigh what could affect the quality of your VoIP phone but how it still is a better alternative for small business communications.


Most landline phones and mobile phones have cheap audio hardware which will affect your call audio. Basic VoIP phones might not have as good audio quality but most VoIP suppliers can provide professional equipment to purchase that will help the call audio. Another hardware quality extends to other equipment on your networks such as routers and security appliances. It is imperative that your small business has business-grade speakers and headsets for excellent audio.


The quality of any VoIP call can also depend on the available bandwidth because your employees aren’t only using phones, they could be using computers and doing so many other things. If this occurs in your business you may need to get extra bandwidth. There won’t be many problems if you get the right internet connection, equipment, and VoIP package. 

Data Networks

While some people may have unlimited internet and data it is not common for everyone. If you run out of data your internet connection will slow down your calls. When using VoIP you have to make sure you have the correct type of data and equipment for your VoIP to function best. Business organizations can afford to pay for better equipment and other network improvements with the savings from VoIP’s low cost.

Regional Areas

The quality of any VoIP calls may also depend on where you are located. If you are located in a rural area the quality of internet connection may be slower. Some locations could just not have the best internet connection and calls will be of less quality.

VoIP call quality 

While there are some issues VoIP is ahead in many other ways that will benefit your small business. The call management features make the quality of class better by making sure it minimizes customer wait time and helps prevent missed calls. Things such as the equipment can be the reason for low-quality calls but VoIP has phones and equipment that make it reliable and have good quality calls. Most people find the quality better and can not tell the difference in calls from landlines and VoIP. VoIP is constantly improving especially with the BT shutdown where landlines will cease to exist now is a great time to switch to VoIP. 

To see how VoIP can help your small business check out our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166. 

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