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Why is VoIP cheaper than a traditional landline?

Posted by Amina Addow on Sep 23, 2019 3:55:21 PM
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We’ve talked at length on the benefits of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and how it is shaping and enhancing communications in the business world.

One of the biggest advantages of having a cloud phone system is the huge savings it can bring to your small business. Statistically, switching to VoIP systems can help save the average business up to 75%.

The VoIP difference

VoIP, also known, as cloud phones allow simple, high-quality calls to be made via the internet. Unlike traditional phone lines, there are many features at your disposal such as low-cost international calls, free WiFi calls and access to over 40+ features.

Many business VoIP providers offer a ‘Hosted System’ meaning that you don’t have to own or install any equipment into your office(s). Businesses can simply utilise an app and connect a VoIP telephone to an internet connection and all of the call routing, call forwarding, voicemail and many other features are handled by the provider. 

Reduce communications by using a single provider

By using VoIP, your small business has access to a single-use provider and unified communications. This allows business owners to send email transcripts, make business calls and host meetings using one VoIP system. This means that business monthly costs are dramatically reduced and simplified as all telecom services are handled simply through one transaction.


Additionally, due to flexibility, additional ports are able to be added when required. This is due to SIP working via an internet connection which is not limited to a location or office space and by making the switch, will help lower costs significantly. Adding international numbers is easy and without the need for costly traditional lines to be added.

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Increase Business Efficiency

VoIP services can improve office productivity in a way that a traditional landline cannot. For example, when an error occurs, the provider will be best placed to deal with this and have it resolved quickly minimising downtime. Having a hosted telephony system and outsourcing your telecoms also means that your system can be easily updated and improved upon.

No hardware of installation

Moving on, as there are software versions of cloud phones means there’s no need for expensive hardware and outdated set-ups. With VoIP, all updates and installations are done by the provider leaving you to focus on your business.

There’s also no need to hire an IT consultant to go through the confusing jargon delaying the process. For most first-time VoIP users the most important factor is getting their systems up and running as soon as possible.

Increase ROI with Efficient Payment Models

VoIP is not only a phone system but can also facilitate payments with easy features such as turning off call recordings. Traditional telephony would mean having to place the client on hold or diverting them to a secure phone line.

With VoIP, you can stay on the line with the customer and be able to close deals. Making the customer buying journey a lot smoother and simpler can heighten rapport and help deliver excellent customer service.

Final Thoughts

VoIP is putting small business communication on the enterprise level with reliable connectivity and low monthly costs.

bOnline can help you trade with ease and confidence while also bundling broadband and VoIP for as low as £9 per month. Benefit from all the areas above, and discover many more as you begin to implement cloud phones to your business.

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