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6 VoIP features designed to help SMEs grow sales

Posted by Amina Addow on Mar 31, 2020 4:36:15 PM
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Untitled design (10)6 VoIP features designed to help SMEs grow sales

For most businesses sale leads are made via the telephone with customers querying the product and price. Traditional landlines are able to answer calls with ease but doesn't have the scope of features to personalize customer journeys or help with closing.

We share what VoIP features can help grow sales more effectively.

Call flows

Make sure your teams are able to answer every lead and query. Custom call flows routes inbound calls to extensions,users of specific teams. Allowing prospective customers to get through to the right service at the first ring and teams knowing how to deal with the query when the call comes through.

CRM integration

VoIP phones can seamlessly integrate with existing third party  CRM apps such as Salesforce. Close and report on sales in the same place to boost productivity and connect with customers in one place.  This can also aid in tracking efforts and creating daily, weekly and monthly reports to monitor targets. 

Team collaboration 

In order to maximize selling efforts your team needs to work collaboratively and effectively. Email is a good way to share information but organizing customer data this way can be difficult.

Using VoIP  online dashboards, easily call and share documents within teams in real-time. This can help in keeping track of growth and metrics and heighten productivity within teams to help more sales close.

Ring groups

Custom ring groups can help build better journeys for customers and employees. Using the VoIP online dashboard can route inbound calls based on availability, work hours or location. One example of this is during busy periods routing calls to agents who are less busy or had significant time between calls. Increasing the chances of calls being answered and not missing vital leads.

Mobile app

Unlike traditional telephony which is fixed to a location VoIP calls can be made anywhere. Even out of the office, answer business calls anywhere with a VoIP mobile app. This can help close sales and reach customers at their convenience if they’re not able to call during business hours. 

Simultaneous ring

Never miss a sales opportunity with a simultaneous ring. Set inbound calls to ring collectively on all devices (desk phones, mobile and laptop) at once. A great solution for smaller teams, making it more likely that calls are answered. 

Final thoughts

VoIP has the capability to transform communications through call management features. Using these specific features, businesses can create customer buying journeys that leads to more calls being answered and opportunities for sales to be made.

To see how a VoIP phone system can have a place in your business give our experts a call on the number above.

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