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What is Unified Communications?

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Oct 7, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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As a business owner, you have many roles and responsibilities that often take up time. Unified communications can help you connect with stakeholders, suppliers and employees without having to worry about being physically present.

Using VoIP, you can unify chat, calls and video calls to one device. Communicating with your team is especially important now where remote work is required due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Allowing you stay connected, here is more on what 'Unified Communications' is and how your small business can benefit.

What Unified communications is and how it can benefit your business.

Unified communications, is having all of your methods of communication in one place. This can be done through video calls, voice calls, chat messages, emails and file sharing. This is key when it comes to small businesses and can lower operational costs. What's more, is that all this can help your workforce stay focused.


One key benefit is that unified communications can increase productivity allowing your team members to work from anywhere. Using VoIP features, can help your workforce maintain professional communication with customers and stakeholders.


Custom call flows can route inbound calls to extensions, users or specific teams. Allowing prospective callers to get the right service at the first ring and build more effective teams.

Video meetings

Stay connected with your employees and stakeholders with video meetings. This allows real-time communication and being able to plan for the day ahead. Furthermore, this does wonders for accountability while your workforce stays at home and can make sure they stay focused on tasks and goals. Allowing business continuity to remain as normal while you work remotely.

What is VoIP?

(VoIP) or Voice over Internet Protocol is a phone system technology that makes calls over the internet. It is similar to other communication devices like Facebook Messenger or Apple Facetime. Compared to VoIP, messenger and Facetime are less secure and don't have HD call quality. The setup of VoIP is also very simple because all you need to do is have a reliable internet connection. Installing VoIP does not require an engineer because all you need to do is install an app or software on your phone. Another benefit is that fixing issues will not require an engineer and be resolved quickly compared to traditional landlines. 

VoIP Features

Keeping all of your communications in one place can benefit your small business and make external and internal chat, videos and calls more efficient and productive. 


Offer HD quality clear and reliable calls through the nation's premium network.

Call menus: Greets customers and directs them to the correct extension.

Call queues: Minimizes customer wait time and helps prevent missed calls.

International Calls: Make calls internationally at lower rates compared to traditional landline prices.


VoIP offers CRM integration. The VoIP phone system can integrate existing third-party CRM applications such as Gsuite or Microsoft Office. This can help you organize reports and connect with customers all in one place. There is also cloud storage readily available to store and share files and documents. with your colleagues. A backup option also makes these sensitive documents more secure. 

Final thoughts

VoIP has 50+ features that help small businesses in many ways. From basic phone call needs to CRM integration there are many practical solutions to help a small business run. Making communications on all counts a lot more smoother and beneficial. 

To see how unified communications can help your small business  call our team on 0203 697 4166 for a free demo of bOnline phone.

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