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4 ways to create a stellar calling experience with professional greetings

Posted by Amina Addow on May 11, 2021 12:38:26 PM
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While it’s often overlooked, caller experience is a major customer touchpoint that shouldn’t be overlooked. Setting up these four critical in-call announcements can help you present a professional image to all callers. 

By presenting clear messages containing relevant information about your business shows callers you value their time and want to assist.

1. Welcome message

We all know first impressions are important and over the phone is no different. Welcome messages are a great way to offer insight into your business and a touchpoint you can’t ignore.

Simple and effective messaging from the first ring can keep a customer engaged and reassured. An example of a welcome message can be ‘Welcome to X, please listen to the following options and pick the right one for you.’ Ensuring that callers are getting the right service.

2. Closed greeting

Moving away from welcome messaging, closed greetings are just as important. This is an opportunity to touch base with callers even when your business is closed and what they need to do next to contact you. 

A good closed greeting has a clear call to action and point of contact. For example, leave a voicemail, send an email, or simply call back the next day. This is a simple but effective way to ensure all calls reach you and that any outstanding queries can be easily addressed.

3. Hold announcements 

In some cases, heavy call intervals and long wait times can’t be avoided. Despite this, never-ending call tones can alienate customers even before speaking to your business. Using hold announcements can keep callers informed and more importantly still engaged with your small business. 

Keeping callers updated is key, let them know where they are in the queue, changes to services and how likely someone will answer the call. All of this shows that you value their time and as a result callers more than likely won’t mind waiting.

4. Voicemail box

For calls that aren’t answered during the working day, there’s voicemail. Voicemail is an important tool to catch any messages that might have been missed during the workday. Although, you should strive to answer all calls during business hours. Listening to these messages outside of busy intervals can ensure you keep track of important queries.

Having a voicemail inbox to hand also reassures callers who can’t get through that their call will still be handled.

A phone system that does it all

Choose a digital phone line or phone system that makes it easy to record, upload and type out professional greetings. bOnline phone offers a simple way to ensure your business is always ready to greet callers no matter the circumstances. All from an easy to use fully customisable dashboard.

Record / upload


Type out

type out

Personal professional greetings show callers that you care and help maintain a high level of customer service across the board. For a free demo, call our sales team on 0203 697 4166 or get in touch at

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