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7 reasons for small businesses to switch to VoIP

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Sep 16, 2020 3:00:00 PM

7 reasons for small businesses to switch to VoIP

In today's business climate, to stay ahead you have to adapt to modern technology such as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  With features you won't find on the landline that boosts efficiency and operations. Here are other reasons it's time to switch to a VoIP phone system.  

1. Cost

VoIP offers lower rates on regular calls but also on international calls compared to traditional phone lines. One of the biggest savings is not having to hire an engineer to set the system up. Fewer equipment is needed due to the soft phone capabilities and there's no need to have an additional line installed when issuing a new number or extension.   

2. Flexibility 

Due to VoIP only relying on internet connection it's very flexible and easy to add or remove phone lines. With VoIP, you can connect with anyone at any time from anywhere from an easy to use app or dashboard. There is no need to stay in one place or a 'fixed office'. Remote working is essential for ensuring business continuity and being able to take your phone number anywhere.  

3. Backup and security

As VoIP operates on the 'cloud' these are easily managed by a VoIP provider. Security and software updates are handled externally meaning that important files and are easy to access and are less likely to be lost. More importantly as these are handled externally this leads to minimal downtime for your small business.

4. Expansion and location

VoIP only needs and internet connection to run so this service is available anywhere in the world. Cloud phones aren't chained down by geographical restrictions meaning that small businesses can set up offices aboard while still using a UK number. Again, this opens up to reliable remote working and greater freedom of outsourcing your organisational needs. 

5. Productivity

With VoIP, your small business will be more productive than ever before with call analytics. This valuable data allows you track volume of calls, duration and employee performance. Allowing you to pinpoint where extra training is needed and better prepare for heavy call peaks. Overall, bettering efficiency across departments and individuals. 

6. Features such as call management tools

VoIP has over 50 features which enhance both internal and external communications. These features determine how calls are dealt with and from your business, call conferencing, voicemail and remote working are one of the most popular for small businesses. Utilizing these can better the customer experience and also customer service.

7. One system

When using a VoIP phone all of your calls, emails, messages, and files are organized in one place. The VoIP phone system can integrate existing third-party CRM applications such as Gsuite or Microsoft Office. Helping your organisation collect reports and connect with customers all in one place.

To see how VoIP can help your small business check out our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166. 

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