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7 VoIP features that can benefit a call centre

Posted by Giselle Camacho on Oct 28, 2020 11:00:00 AM

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Inbound and outgoing calls are an imperative part of a call centre business. Traditional telephony doesn't have all the features necessary to answer each call efficiently and in a timely manner.

VoIP can help maximise call handling and make sure every call reaches your business with over 50+ features. Here are seven VoIP features that can benefit a call centre.


The auto-attendant feature is a menu that callers can use to reach the correct extension and minimise wait times by automatically routing calls to free agents. It is usually a simple automated message, starting with a greeting and ending with a list of prompts. An example, “Press 3 for payment option.” This feature helps call centres because it filters calls to the right person and helps organize calls effectively.

Call Queues

A call queue is a feature that minimises customer wait time and helps prevent missed calls. Queuing calls benefit businesses because it allows them to provide call routing to staff in order to not lose callers. With the call queue feature, it can also make sure they arrive at the right department after waiting on hold momentarily which is important for the call center to provide the best possible customer experience and journey.

Call Forwarding

Call forwarding direct calls to another number at no extra cost. With call forwarding, you can go to settings to create a certain schedule that forwards incoming calls to different numbers depending on the time of the day. It could be afterhours sending callers straight to voicemail which can be contacted the next day. Ensuring that all calls to reach your call centre.


Easily create voicemail mailboxes for users or teams. For situations where a the call centre is extremely busy, the voicemail to email function transcribes voicemail to email or text that can help save contact information left after hours so that way you can get back to customers and never miss a call!

Call Recording

Call recording is essential in a busy call centre to help resolve disputes and monitor employee calls. This feature can also help train employees to give the best possible service with actual examples able to be used. Boosting customer service levels and the added assurance that customers are given the right information every time. 

Simultaneous ringing

Simultaneous Ringing gives you the ability to have multiple devices ring when a call comes in. With Simultaneous Ringing, you can adjust the settings for your call centre to what works best for you. For example, set the time of day you want this feature to function and other details for your business.

Hold music 

Improve holding experiences with customisable music. This will help keep clients stay on the line and retain sales. Improving the customer experience and giving customers a sense of how long they've been in the queue. Making the long wait more bearable and enjoyable for your customers.

To see how VoIP can help your call centre, check out our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166.

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