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How a VoIP phone system can limit the disruption to services

Posted by Amina Addow on Jan 7, 2021 3:40:47 PM
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In unprecedented times, small businesses need to prepare and take action to prevent loss of services. While a forced change of location or a shake-up of teams can't be avoided, a VoIP phone system can help ensure business continuity and limit disruption for both staff and customers.

Here are the ways switching to VoIP can help keep your small business running.

Easily transfer your business number

If your business number is tied to your broadband connection, transferring your number to VoIP will finally separate these two services and will allow you to keep your number while ceasing your broadband connection - simply reconnect when you return to your premises.

Quick set-up

VoIP phone systems can be set up without the expense of an IT technician or installing a new line. Setting up a VoIP system is quick and efficient and most businesses are able to make calls within 24 hours. Allowing the same benefits of having a business line but without waiting for installation and added maintenance. 


In the case of having to leave office premises, VoIP makes it easy to have a flexible business number anywhere. With a cloud number and phone app, businesses can easily make calls while keeping a personal and professional number separate.

Don’t allow services to stay stagnant or tied down to a fixed location. Have the reassurance of operating an office and making professional business calls on the go.


If there’s an issue on a traditional landline an engineer would have to come round to fix the issue, incurring costs. If faced with connectivity/internet issues on a desktop PC, VoIP calls can easily be transferred to a mobile app using a 4G connection instead. This quick workaround prevents downtime to occur and services remain available.

Work remotely 

VoIP phone systems easily facilitate remote working due to not being fixed to one location. Employees can easily work from home without interruption and still be able to keep the same level of service. Chat and video conference features allow employees to easily collaborate and stay in touch with one another.


VoIP promotes collaboration and the smooth running of operations. Unified communications across video, voice and chat mean teams can stay updated and work on projects together.

Allowing meetings to take place between team members and clients to run as normal. Calls to other employees user extensions are completely free allowing peace of mind when ringing colleagues.

50+ calling management features

VoIP services come with 50+ features that can boost efficiency. Allowing small businesses to refine call handling and customize greetings and business hours. 

These tools can also be used to re-route calls and update greeting messages in line with different challenging circumstances. Keeping customers informed and putting emergency procedures in place when they arise.

Final thoughts

Traditional landlines no longer have the scope to keep up with changing environments. No matter the circumstances, VoIP offers a wide range of benefits designed to build a professional front from all areas. Keep operations running and benefit from scaling, portability and cost-efficiency. 

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