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How small businesses can prepare for the migration from ISDN to SIP

Posted by Amina Addow on Sep 11, 2020 3:00:00 PM
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As part of the conscious shift from traditional landlines to mobile technologies Openreach has announced that no new Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) orders will be issued after December 2020. 

In light of the landline extinction in 2025, it’s essential to look for alternatives now and move away from ISDNs. Understandably this will cause a shake-up to telecommunications and it’s best to prepare your business now for the ISDN switch-off.

Migration from ISDN to SIP

The migration from ISDN to ISP has been driven by Openreach as a way of keeping up with technological advancements. The use of a traditional telephone system has long been outdated. SIP will make it easier and more convenient to communicate. In terms of saving costs, flexibility and collaboration, VoIP offers much better advantages compared to traditional phone lines.

More importantly, small businesses will have the opportunity to use the same technologies as larger competitors thus closing the gap. However, you don’t have to wait until 2020 to reap the benefits that come with switching to VoIP.

Voice Over Internet Protocol

With the upcoming switch-off now’s the time to look to a cloud-based phone system. Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a great asset to your small business. These software and hardware phones are ideal to help continue internal and external communications via broadband and wifi connection via user agents.

VoIP offers a wealth of benefits and features being a cost-effective alternative which ensures a faster set-up and allows small businesses to benefit from additional features such as Call Queue, Auto Attendant which can improve customer service and make sure your business is introduced effectively from the first touch-point (inbound phone call).

Will switching to SIP be disruptive to my small business?

The switch to SIP is surprisingly easy and without the need for expensive hardware or a specialist IT technician. Moving to SIP-based cloud phones such as VoIP means that your small business can benefit from software systems. Leading to faster set-up times, technical support and specialist on-boarding if your small business runs into any issues.

Additionally, due to flexibility, additional ports are able to be added when required. This is because SIP works via an internet connection which is not limited to a location or office space. By making the switch, it will help lower costs significantly avoiding the need to buy a new ISDN line.

To help you through the migration from ISDN to SIP we have a step by step guide to allow a smooth transition.

Plan the move to SIP

Firstly, the key is to plan and this means internally and externally. Figure out how many ports are needed for your business. Next, is how are your calls handled on a day to day basis do you use a Call Queue? or IVR? Does your company provide information to customers via recordings? You need to look at what your company provides in terms of telecommunication.

Once you have this, the process of acquiring Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) will be a lot easier.

Furthermore, whilst most cloud-based software is relatively easy to use, problems could still arise so ensure your employees are trained and are confident in using their new lines.

Setting up

Once your business has identified the phone network requirements and acquired the new technology. The next steps are to configure so that it works with your new SIP service.

This can be done by testing numbers to your SIP line and run it through the testing plan. Testing the flexibility of the system is essential, try also simulating failures through the system to make sure a recovery plan is in place should problems arise.

If you’re dealing with software phones the next steps are to install and configure so that it works with your office computers. Trialing your cloud phones also offers the chance to troubleshoot teething issues before using the system to contact customers.


Above all, cloud-phone systems rely on broadband so reliable connectivity is key. At bOnline, we have a range of packages and ‘business in a box’ technology solutions. Our VoIP and broadband packages are key for small businesses to kick off their migration from ISDNs to SIP. With our range of affordable deals, we have the tools to help you get set up and ready with minimal disruption to services.

Furthermore, our packages mix and match depending on what’s needed for your business, offering business broadband and VoIP together further making this accessible to small businesses.


Now your business is ready for the migration from ISDN to SIP and without any downtime. It’s time to move to number porting, a VoIP feature which allows for an existing number to be transferred from one provider to another. It’s essential to send the correct information in the form of a porting request for all business phone numbers. This process can take time but will avoid future issues when customers try to contact your business, with added flexibility new ports can be added if and when they are needed.

Make the switch

With preparations in place, it’s now time to cut the cord and make the switch to VoIP and ensure every call reaches your small business. Using an IP based phone allows the ease of voice and data transmission. The tools of business are changing and it’s crucial to stay ahead of larger corporations and the competition. VoIP phones are the future of communication, particularly as ISDNs are going to stop being issued in 2020. You need to future-proof your business now to minimize the effects and offer the best to your customers.

Final thoughts

VoIP is a multimedia communication and with only needing an IP network means that your business can trade from anywhere. Rather than waiting for 2020, you have the opportunity to benefit now. There’s a wealth of benefits that come with cloud-phones from cheaper costs, multiple numbers and easy to set-up. We invite you to look at our packages and see how we can help get the best deal for your small business.

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