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How to reduce miscommunication within your virtual workforce with VoIP

Posted by Amina Addow on Nov 11, 2020 3:30:22 PM
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In light of the pandemic, remote work is required now more than ever. Working from home away from your team can lead to issues in terms of organisation and miscommunication. Managing remotely means to make sure that employees are still accountable for their work while still keeping communication throughout.

With the help of VoIP, this is easy with over 50+ features designed to help communicate clearly even without being in the same room.

Presence management

With presence management, you can see when colleagues are active/available. Making sure you know who is available to help the next customer. This can also hold employees accountable to a certain degree and know when ones are away during their lunch break. Furthermore, helping your team communicate with each other if another person is needed to take a call. Reducing miscommunication as everyone is aware of their own responsibilities and duties. Other features that help with presence management is:

Call Queues: minimises customer wait time and helps prevent missed calls.

Simultaneous Ringing: everyone call will ring in the office preventing the case of missed calls.

Chat messaging

Miscommunication can often arise from long-thread emails or employees not checking their inbox frequently. Chat messaging assists in getting answers quickly and opens up to much faster stream of communication. These chat messages can also be delivered via mobile phones making it easy to respond no matter where you are. Sending messages can help keep streams of communication open with letting colleagues know what tasks your working on and also asking for help. Lowering the chances of miscommunication as this leads to clear messaging on all accounts.

Video conferencing

Although you can not physically meet with your team there is an alternative. Video conferencing is a feature where you connect with your team and host or attend video calls from anywhere. With video conferencing, you can meet and discuss projects similarly to connecting in the office. You could just connect through email or messaging but this can get challenging as words can only express so much.  With video conferencing you see your teams face and hear their tones so there is a better understanding of what they mean and how they feel helping lessen feeling of miscommunication.

Call recording

Call recording which is a software that records telephone conversations and saves them in digital audio file format. Helping make sure that customer service agents are attending to customers appropriately and delivering the best service. There could be times where someone could have said something that the other person misunderstood and with call recording you can go back, listen and clear up what was miscommunicated. With these recordings, you have the ability to go back and see the conversation went and pull out any important information. Resolving any complaints that arise and providing training resources which can prevent the same situation from repeating.

Make access simple

Working from home, having access to certain software and documents can be hard. It's important that the transition of working from home and subsequent work needs to be a smooth process. With VoIP, file sharing is easy and these are stored in the cloud which opens up to easy access and can be opened anywhere. Furthermore, VoIP has numerous integrations such as Gsuite, Microsoft Word, Salesforce etc. This can reduce miscommunication as everything being in one place is easily accessible and with the same files available to everyone, answers can be easy to attain and help with queries.

To benefit from a VoIP phone system and ensure that working from home is a smooth transition for your small business check our packages or call our team on 0203 697 4166.

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